Gogebic Community College

Computer Information Technology-Network Security

Network Security

Computer Information Technology-Network Security Program Overview

  • Certificate Program
  • 1 Year
  • Main Campus - Ironwood


Network security specialists detect, prevent, and resolve security threats to computer networks. They also play an important role in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of a company's data and information systems. 


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Courses at Gogebic

Prefix Title Credits
COL 102 College and Career Success 1
ENG 101 or ENG 105 or SPE 105 English Composition I or Technical English or Interpersonal Communications 3
MTH 108 or higher College Level Mathematics 4
BUS 161 Microsoft Essentials 4
CIT 175 Computer Repair I 4
CIT 180 Computer Repair II 4
CIT 251 Fundamentals of Networking II - Cybersecurity 4
CIT 252 Windows Active Directory and Group Policy 3
CIT 256 Routing and Firewalling 3
CIT 257 Wireless Networks 1
CIT 258 Network Threat Detection and Penetration Testing 2
BUS 203 Business Communications 3
Total Credits: 35
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