Leadership Over the Years

1932-52                Superintendent of Ironwood City Schools, Arthur E. Erickson
1952-66 Superintendent of Ironwood City Schools, Reginald Ernest Dear
1932-48 College Dean, Reginald Ernest Dear
1948-52 College Dean. R.D. Chadwick
1952-66 College Director, Jacob Solin
1966-67 President, Dr. James Lehman
1967-76 President, Dr. James Perry
1976-83 President, Dr. Rawdon Ernest Dear
1983-86 President, Dr. Robert Bennett
1987 Acting President, Janet Blanchard
1987-94 President, Dr. James Grote
1994-95 Acting President Thomas Cvengros
1995-2005 President, Dr. Donald Foster
2005-2007 President, Dr. Gary S. Wheeler
2008-2018 President, James Lorenson
2018-2019 Acting Presidents, Jeanne Graham and Erik Guenard
2019-2023 President, Dr. George McNulty