Request a GCC Transcript

Students who plan to attend another college or university are normally required to send an official transcript of their academic record to that college. A transcript is a list of the academic courses a student has taken and the grades earned. Your official transcript will be sent to colleges or employers upon request.

Transcript orders are now being processed via Parchment.

The Records and Registration Office has partnered with Parchment, an industry leader in credential management systems, to create a transcript request experience that allows current students and alumni to submit online orders for paper transcripts or certified eTranscripts.

Ordering Features:

  • Secure online access to request your transcript 24/7
  • Email notification when a transcript order is placed and processed
  • Email notification when an eTranscript is received by the designated recipient
  • Online tracking ability


Transcript Fees:

  • eTranscript: Electronic Delivery: $5.00

Additional fees apply for Fed Ex and overnight delivery options.

 BEFORE Ordering Your Transcript:

You should be aware that an active hold on your student account will not prevent you from ordering a transcript through Parchment and you will be assessed the transcript fees, but GCC will not be able to release your transcript until the hold is resolved. If the hold is not resolved in 30 days, the request will be automatically cancelled and the payment made is non-refundable.

To avoid this, please do not submit a request until your hold has been cleared by the Business Office, or the College office that has placed the hold.

You may check to see if you have any holds by going to MyGCC.

Ordering Information:

First-time account setup is required. You will be required to provide:

  • Address details (Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number)
  • Authentication details (Date of Birth, Name While Attending, Dates Attended)
  • Student ID number, if known
  • E-mail address

This information is required to ensure proper student matching and contact information if there are any questions on your order. Once you have completed the setup, you will receive a confirmation email from Parchment.

Additional Ordering Notes:

  • All transcripts sent through Parchment are official.
  • If you are not sure of your exact attendance dates, please indicate approximate dates.
  • Requestors should verify that the recipient information being provided is correct before finalizing their order. GCC will not be able to provide refunds for transcripts that are sent to the wrong recipient.
  • eTranscripts are sent securely through email and will be available for 30 days before expiring. GCC will not be able to provide refunds for downloads that have been disabled after expiring.
  • eTranscripts should be sent directly to the intended institution or recipient to be considered official.

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students and alumni can view their unofficial transcript at no cost through MyGCC.

Need Help?

Contact Student Services at 906-932-4231 ext. 212 or email