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To be eligible for federal and state financial aid, you must:

      • File a FAFSA each year at studentaid.gov.
      • Be a U.S. Citizen or Eligible Non-citizen (see below).
      • Have a high school diploma or GED High School Equivalency diploma.
      • Be enrolled in a degree-seeking or approved certificate program.
      • Be in good standing on all federal educational loans and grants.
      • Make Satisfactory Academic Progress.
      • Be working to complete degree requirements. Once a student has completed their degree requirements, they are ineligible for additional financial aid for that program.

Students meeting the Eligible Non-citizen criterion are:

      • A permanent U.S. resident with a Permanent Resident Card (I-551 or I-551C).
      • The holder of an I-94 from the Department of Homeland Security with one of the following designations:
      • Refugee
      • Asylum Granted
      • Parolee – for a minimum of one year and status has not expired
      • Victim of Human Trafficking
      • T-Visa Holder : (T1, T2, T3, etc.)
      • Cuban-Haitian entrant

Additional eligibility requirements can apply in certain situations including for non-U.S. citizensstudents with criminal convictions, and students with intellectual disabilities.

Each aid program may have additional requirements such as Student Aid Index (SAI), financial need, etc. Refer to each program for specific information about eligibility.


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