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Financial Aid Notification

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Financial Aid Notification

Once your financial aid application and all requested information has been received and processed, a Financial Aid Notification will be sent to your GCC email address.  We typically begin generating Financial Aid Notifications to applicants in April preceding the beginning of the new award year.

The Financial Aid Notification provides a summary of your financial aid:

      • Your Cost of Attendance and financial need calculation based on the information you submitted on your FAFSA.
      • The awards you’ve been offered or are receiving.
      • Additional steps that must be taken to receive the awards you’ve been offered.

This is a real-time version of your current financial aid awards; the information on it may change periodically.

Financial Aid Offer Terms & Conditions

All financial aid offers are based on enrollment and are dependent upon a determination of eligibility based on grade level, whether priority application deadlines have been met (if applicable) and other program-specific criteria at the time of the offer. Offers are contingent upon continued funding from federal, state, and institutional sources. Action by federal and state governments – including, but not limited to insufficient funds or discontinuation of funds – may result in rescinding or reducing offer amounts.

A financial aid offer is based on information that the student and the student's family (if applicable) submitted in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as any other supporting documentation. Gogebic Community College (GCC) is required by federal law to resolve any conflicts of information that become evident as part of the application review process. It is the student's responsibility to complete and submit application materials to the appropriate agencies within the required timeframes. It is also the student's responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office of any circumstantial changes to the information reported in the FAFSA and/or supporting documentation.

False or incomplete information submitted by a student, or on behalf of a student, may result in the cancellation of an offer and may require repayment of all or part of the funds disbursed to the student. In the event a student has received aid to which they are not entitled, it will be the responsibility of the student to repay those funds. Generally, students are not eligible to receive federal student aid from two different schools when attending two schools at the same time.

Students should carefully review and ensure they understand all financial aid related materials sent from GCC and/or other agencies that offer financial aid. Students are advised to keep copies of these items for their records.

During a student's application for aid or at any subsequent time thereafter, they will have the right to receive a thorough explanation of the financial aid offer process, including the conditions of any student loan that may be offered. Conditions may include but are not limited to interest rates for student loans, deferment options, repayment periods and programs, etc. The student will also be responsible for complying with the provisions of any promissory note or other agreement which they may sign, including repayment of any student loans. Students accepting an employment offer as part of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program will be entitled to disclosure of the terms and conditions (including pay rate) for any position that is offered.

Reporting Additional Financial Aid

If a student receives additional funds not listed on their financial aid offer, they are required to report funds to the Financial Aid Office.

Should the additional funds result in a change to a student's financial aid eligibility, they will receive notification of the change in eligibility. If a student receives additional assistance, their aid may be adjusted or reduced, even if already disbursed.


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