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October 23rd, 2023

Last Day to Register and Pay

12:00pm December 20th, 2023

Classes Begin

December 20th, 2023

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January 3rd, 2024

Last Day of Classes and End of Intersession                                                     

January 10th, 2024


All classes are online. With the three week schedule, we recommend that you take no more than 3 credits. Cost is $195/Credit with no additional fees. Payment is required in order to be registered for a course.   

**PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to pay for your intersession course in-person. Please either call the Business Office at 906.307.1205 or stop into the Business Office to pay for the course before registration.




MUS 102 (3 credits) - Music Appreciation - An introduction to the sounds and composition of serious music from ancient times to the present, with an emphasis on the recognition of musical styles through recorded sound. Book is included in the cost of the course.



BUS 136 (3 credits) - Business Ethics - This course is designed to help business students improve their ability to make ethical decisions in business by providing them with a framework that they can use to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical issues in business decision making. An emphasis is placed on the importance of understanding that individual values and ethics are important in this process.  By studying business ethics, students begin to understand how to cope with conflicts between their personal values and those of the organization. *Cengage Unlimited Subscription Required $119.99*



CPL 104 (1 credit) - Spreadsheets - A hands-on introduction to spreadsheets using the Microsoft Excel software. Its main objective is to provide each student with a working knowledge of spreadsheet software. *Cengage Unlimited Subscription Required $119.99*



CPL 108 (1 credit) - Powerpoint - An introductory course for the uses and functions of Windows presentations. Emphasis is on basic concepts and the fundamentals of creating useful presentations and application to practical business problems. *Cengage Unlimited Subscription Required $119.99*




PSY 296 (3 credits) - Psychology Special Topics "Sports Psychology"

Seminar course exploring special topics relevant to the field of Psychology that will be offered during select terms. Selections vary from semester to semester, and the course may be repeated to a maximum of six credits provided there is no repetition of subject matter. This course fulfills a social science requirement when taken for 3 or 4 credits. Special topics courses are considered general transfer electives however students are advised to work closely with their intended transfer college or university to determine course equivalency.

This course will provide an overview of psychological principles and how they influence human behavior in sport and physical activity contexts. This course examines psychological theories and research and their application to the sport/physical activity-related affect, behaviors and cognitions of participants as well as the individual and environmental factors which shape these outcomes. The main focuses of this discipline are on helping individuals use psychological principles and skills to achieve optimal performance and satisfaction through participation in sports and understanding. Also, how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity affects psychological development, health, and well-being. No text required. 



HED 130 (2 credits) - Stress Managment - This is course is a holistic approach to stress management which emphasizes scientific knowledge and awareness of how attitudes and unhealthy practices cause stress. Healthy coping skills are developed to reduce negative stress experienced in adult life.  Included are lecture, discussion, role playing, relaxation techniques, physical activities, instructional aids, and individual self-discovery projects. *Stress Management for Life - MindTap required $96.00* Please note if taking another intersession class which requires Cengage Unlimited, that product will cover this course as well no need to purchase the Mindtap option



SPE105 (3 credits) - Interpersonal Communication - Introduction to the theory and practice of interpersonal communication. The focus of the course is on learning and practicing the skills needed to improve the quality of interpersonal communication. No text required.

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