Gogebic Community College

Assessing Student Learning

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Gogebic Community College assesses student learning outcomes at the institutional, program, and course level.  GCC uses assessment data to inform curricular and co-curricular changes in an effort to continuously improve students’ holistic educational experience and learning outcomes.

 General Education Assessment Categories:

      • Community & Global Consciousness and Responsibility (CGCR)
        • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness of global, national, and local concerns, analyzing cultural, political, social, and environmental issues from multiple perspectives.
      • Communication & Expression (C&E)
        • Students will communicate effectively and express themselves creatively. Students will interpret thoughtfully and logically, engaging actively in dialogue and discussion.
      • Critical Thinking & Information Competency (CTIC)
        • Students will recognize the need for information to solve problems and make decisions. Students will identify, organize, analyze, and evaluate the credibility of relevant sources and use information in an ethical manner.
      • Quantitative Technical Competency (QTC)
        • Students will solve problems by selecting and applying quantitative methods to construct arguments with the use of numerical and statistical support. Students will utilize technology appropriate to their chosen field of study.


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