Financial Aid

Gogebic Community College assists students who would not otherwise be able to pursue their educational goals through its comprehensive financial aid program. To help qualified students meet their educational costs, GCC has developed an extensive and equitable program of financial assistance including scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, work-study, and student loans. Approximately 70% of GCC students benefit from one or more of these financial aid opportunities.

The basic premise of financial aid is the student and the parents are the primary source of funds for postsecondary education and are expected to help provide for their own educational costs, whether the costs are electricity, fuel, child care, food, or tuition. Financial aid supplements, not supplants, the family income. Although few families can afford to pay all college expenses out of current salaries or savings, they are expected to provide for a certain amount of the student’s expenses as determined by financial need analysis. When the parent and student obligations have been met, the college, community, and/or government will attempt to provide additional funding through financial aid resources if any shortfall (financial need) exists.

All institutional and financial aid information for students can be obtained by contacting the Director of Financial Aid, Room T104, 906-932-4231, ext. 208 or the Dean of Students, Room T108, 906-932-4231, ext. 212.

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