Winter Intersession



Registration Opens

October 12, 2020

Last Day to Register and Pay

12:00 pm CST, December 16, 2020

Classes Begin

December 16, 2020

Last Day to Withdraw from Classes

December 21, 2020

Last Day of Classes and End of Intersession                                                     

January 6, 2021



BUS 204 - Business Law - 3.00 Credit: Business course covering topics in capacity, accent, consideration, statue of frauds along with principal and agent relationships. 

CPL 104 - Spreadsheets - 1.00 Credit:  A hands-on introduction to spreadsheets using the Microsoft Excel software. Its main objective is to provide each student with a working knowledge of spreadsheet software.

CPL 105 - Word Processing - 1.00 Credit: An introductory computer literacy course designed to teach the student basic word processing skills on a microcomputer to create, edit, store and print documents using Microsoft software. 

CPL 108 - Powerpoint - 1.00 Credit:  An introductory course for the uses and functions of Windows presentations. Emphasis is on basic concepts and the fundamentals of creating useful presentations and application to practical business problems.  

ENG 233 - Modern Literature 3.00 Credits: This course focuses on the poetry and prose of modern writers (1950-present). 

HST 201 - US History to 1877 - 3.00 Credits: This course covers the political, social and cultural history of the United States from it's colonial founding through the Reconstruction period. 

MUS 102- Music Appreciation - 3.00 Credits: An introduction to the sounds and composition of serious music from ancient times to the present, with an emphasis on the recognition of musical styles through recorded sound. 

PED 150 - Beginning Yoga - 1.00 Credit: This course focuses on the safe practice of beginning level yoga asanas (poses), including standing, seated and lying down poses and inversions. Connecting to the breath and developing mindfulness will also be emphasized. 

SOC 102 - Social Problems - 3.00 Credits: An in depth study of social problems within our society and the world in general. Health issues, substance abuse, family problems, poverty, race and gender inequality are analyzed.  


All classes are online. With the three week schedule, we recommend that you take no more than 3 credits. Cost is $180/Credit with no additional fees. Payment is required in order to be registered for a course.   

You can apply and register by completing this Short Registration Form:


Credit card payments can be processed by calling the GCC Business Office at (906) 307-1205.

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