Event & Room Rental


GCC is accepting event requests on a case-by-case basis. The College will evaluate reservation requests as they come in to determine if they fit within out our COVID19 response plan.  Please refer to this page for more information on the GCC's response to COVID-19.

The rental rates for meeting rooms, social spaces and conference rooms at Gogebic Community College are competitively priced.  Non-profit organizations from both within and outside of Gogebic County are eligible for discounted rental rates based on the nature of the event request.

Reservations for all on-campus space is made on a first-come, first-served basis once all college-sponsored activity is accommodated for the academic year in which your event would be hosted.

If you are considering the campus at Gogebic Community College for your event and interested in obtaining a cost estimate, then please prepare a detailed itinerary for your event and submit that information to us via the form below to allow us the opportunity to evaluate your event's needs within the context of our busy academic schedule.  Once we have had the opportunity to review the details of your event, someone will contact you to discuss pricing and logistics.


Steps to reserving a space at GCC:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Create an account with our online form system (once you have an account, you do not need to create another for future events)
  3. Complete the form, sign digitally, and submit
  4. You will receive confirmation once we have received the form
  5. Once we have evaluated space and availability, you will receive another email with information about your event


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Please read more about our most popular social and meeting spaces below.  

Policies and Procedures:

COVID19 Policies and Procedures:

Guidelines for In-Person Meetings and Gatherings

If you are sick, please stay at home.

All entrants must complete a COVID-19 health questionnaire. Forms are available in the Human Resource Office and the Director of the Lindquist Center’s office. A link to our public health screening can be found here.

Masks are required indoors and participants are encouraged to keep a social distance of 6' apart. Gogebic Community College recommends all organizers and participants bring masks to stay in compliance with this procedure.

If any participant or attendee displays symptoms upon arrival or during a meeting or event, they are required to leave.

After any event held at Gogebic, if meeting organizer learns of an attendee testing positive for COVID-19, the organizer will notify all participants and Gogebic Community College, so they make take appropriate actions to handle their exposure. The meeting organizer will NOT disclose the identity of the participant who tested positive, only that there was a positive test.

Please provide a complete list of every participant who attended the same meeting to Erik Guenard, VP of Business Services(erikg@gogebic.edu) or Ashley Paquette (ashleyp@gogebic.edu).

Gogebic Community College will label doors for entrance and exit to limit the cross exposure of participants.

When available, there will be a supply of disinfecting spray or wipes and hand sanitizer for participants. If GCC cannot supply these items, it will be up to the meeting organizer to provide these to comply with the procedures of the space rental. Gogebic requires that all organizers wipe down (disinfectant spray or wipes) all surfaces before and after the they are used (i.e. tables, doors, chairs, etc.).

Food and Beverage

At this time, Gogebic Community College will not be allowing food or open beverages for participants at any meetings or gatherings in the Lindquist Student Center with the exception of individual beverages such as single serve bottled water. 

Cancelation / Refunds

Gogebic Community College requires 7 business days’ notice to cancel any scheduled event.  Rental charges will be refunded for events canceled with 7 or more days’ notice.  Requestors canceling events with less than 7 days’ notice will receive no refund and/or will be billed for their event.




Lindquist Center
Courtside Conference Rooms


Courtside Conference Room Tables and Chairs

Conference Tables arranged

With tables and seating for larger group gatherings and the opportunity to utilize a full commercial kitchen, the conference center within the Lindquist Center is an excellent location to host banquets, wedding receptions, trade shows and meetings.  There are numerous configuration options for the space as the conference center boasts portable walls allowing users to divide the room in to four separate meeting areas.


Lindquist Center
Student Lounge

Student Lounge

The student lounge in the Lindquist Center is an excellent choice from small parties and social events. Located on the ground floor of the Lindquist Center the student lounge is set daily with eight, 4-top round tables, five two-top bistro tables and plenty of extra space to add additional banquet tables for buffet lines, gifts or additional guests.  The room has several sofas and soft chairs, a fireplace, big-screen TV and pool table.


Carl Kleimola Technical Center
Multipurpose Room T112-113

The 2000 square foot conference room in the Carl Kleimola Technical Center serves campus as a multipurpose space for meetings, lectures, presentations and academic classes.  The room offers overhead projection units with screens and whiteboards with a center divider to allow the room to be split in two as needed. Much like other rooms on campus, this room offers flexibility when it comes to how the tables and chairs are set up.


Carl Kleimola Technical Center
Conference Room T116

Conference Room

Conference Room T116 in the Carl Kleimola Technical Center is adjacent to room T112-113 with seating for roughly 20 around a modern conference table and projection capabilities. T116 is an excellent choice for small meetings.


Jacob Solin Center for Business Education
Auditorium (B21)

Lecture Room

Room B21 in the Solin Center is a lecture hall with stadium-style seating, overhead projection, integrated sound system, video conferencing capability and white boards.  B21 offers guests unobstructed views with ample space and natural light. 


Jacob Solin Center for Business Education
Board Room (B22)

Meeting Room

Room B22 in the Solin Center is a 1200 square foot classroom which serves our campus as the primary meeting space for Board of Trustees meetings.  The room is equipped with overhead projection, integrated sound and video conferencing and is furnished with office furniture to allow configurations to suit any small meeting or lecture.  

Rutger Erickson Academic Building
Classroom Spaces

The classrooms within the Academic Building are often the most affordable options for smaller meetings and workshops because those spaces are designed and prepared for that type of activity.