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Application Process for Financial Aid

Students must complete the following in order to be considered for financial aid:

  1. Apply for admission to the college. Procedures for application for admission are found in the ADMISSIONS section of this catalog. The Financial Aid Office will not award any financial aid until a student is admitted to the college. When completing the application for admission, the student should indicate if they will be applying for financial aid.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The paper FAFSA is available from high school guidance counselors or the GCC Financial Aid Office. Students are strongly encouraged to apply online with FAFSA on the WEB (www.FAFSA.gov) and obtain a FSA ID which can be used throughout the federal aid process. The processing time of the FAFSA is approximately six weeks. If the student does not receive the results – a Student Aid Report (SAR) – within this timeframe, please call 1-800-433-3243 to check on the processing.
  3. Review the SAR. This report contains the information that the student provided on the FAFSA. If the SAR is correct and GCC is listed as a college choice, the student needs to keep it for their records. If it is incorrect or GCC was not listed as a college choice, the student needs to go back online to the FAFSA website and make the necessary corrections. The student will also be asked to sign the form with their PIN and their parent PIN, if applicable. After all corrections are made and the form is signed, submit the form electronically to the FAFSA Processing Center. Do not mail a paper SAR back to the FAFSA Processing Center. Mailing the SAR is a timely process.
  4. Submit all requested documentation to the GCC Financial Aid Office. GCC will be requesting additional information that is needed to complete the processing of the student application. Documentation may include student and parent tax forms, social security statements, child support payments, family member verification, etc. Students will receive a letter from the Financial Aid Office (pending file completion) after the FAFSA has been submitted indicating what is needed to complete the file. After the fourth letter, the student’s file will be placed on hold and no further correspondence will be received from the Financial Aid Office until the student contacts GCC. At this time, if any corrections need to be made to the original FAFSA information, the GCC Financial Aid Office will make the corrections, based on the submitted data and will resubmit the corrections to the Central Processing System. Upon receipt of the corrected information, the financial aid file will be reviewed and a financial aid proposal will be calculated and sent to the student in the mail. This process normally takes about 15 business days. The deadline date for completing the verification requirements is the student’s last date of enrollment, but no further action will be taken on the file until the requested information is received. The student will not be able to receive any type of financial aid (including student loans) until the documents have been submitted.
  5. Apply for a student loan, if applicable. A student who is eligible to apply for a student loan must fill out and submit a Master Promissory Note online, submit the Federal Direct Loan Request Form to GCC and participate in an entrance interview. Student loan materials can be obtained in the GCC Financial Aid Office. Visit www.studentloans.gov for additional information.
  6. Submit college work-study application. College work-study application materials will be mailed to all eligible students during the summer. These materials must be completed and returned to GCC according to the set deadline date. Students will receive their job placements in July.
  7. Provide Notification to the GCC Financial Aid Office, if applicable. Students must promptly notify GCC of any outside scholarships, grants, loans or other types of student aid that is received or expected to be received. Financial aid packages may need to be revised based on the receipt of additional awards.
  8. Apply for a GCC scholarship. Complete and submit a scholarship application to the GCC Financial Aid Office. Applications can be obtained online at www.gogebic.edu by clicking on Financial Aid.

An applicant who has completed their file by May 1 and has established need, will be given first consideration for available awards. Students may generally expect to be offered a financial aid package fifteen business days after the file becomes complete. A student may apply for financial aid after the deadline and will be offered aid based upon remaining available funds.

Link to FAFSA on the Web at http://fafsa.ed.gov

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